One day a devastating awareness changed my life. I was working and my children were in school when I became aware of the drug abuse within my family. Addiction crept into my life and there it has remained. Abuse of marijuana allowed my loved one a delusional escape from reality. The heroin abuser was in a motionless stupor, sleeping the hours away. The crack addict displayed violent behavior. Drug abuse among my family members remains a painful, sad reality for me.

I was stuck focusing on the past and my addicted loved ones until I found Nar-Anon. I wished for the loving, kind people my addicted family members once were. I also missed the trust, laughter and fun we had enjoyed.

As I listened to others share at my first Nar-Anon meeting, I realized that I was not alone in my sad and confusing reality. I learned in Nar-Anon that I cannot change the past, other people or things, but I can change myself. I had a joyful awakening and renewed hope! As I continue to work my program, I learn to share my sadness and my joy. Daily, I work at letting go of old resentments. Daily, I keep my focus on me and on the positive things in my life.

The most helpful therapy available for me is the Nar-Anon program. No longer am I in constant turmoil with worry and regret. By working the Twelve Steps and attending meetings, I have learned to accept each new day with peace and serenity in my heart.

Thought for Today: Awareness is the first step in recognizing a problem and thus the first step towards positive change. Until I become aware of a problem, I cannot take appropriate action. I need to remember that I can do only what is right for me and allow others to do the same.

“Today I will be grateful for any awareness I encounter. I will display gratitude, peace, and dignity when life gets my attention.” ~ Melody Beattie