It is easy to let anxiety consume every waking moment when we live with an active addict. I felt a false sense of control and became anxious when I thought the addict in my life was going to use.

I was so consumed with living my life for the addict that I started neglecting my own responsibilities. I began to stay home so that I could watch her every move, as if this was going to fix the situation. I thought I could prevent her from using, spending so much money, or doing more damage to our lives. If I could make her see what she was doing to herself, her family, her life, all our lives, then everything would be okay. We could all live a happy, loving, healthy, stress-free life. It was only when I had reached my breaking point that I realized I could not continue and finally saw that this was insanity.

This monster, addiction, consumed my every thought, action, and emotion to the point where I became physically, mentally, and emotionally ill. I had to stop it now! I learned to let go. I realized I had no other choice. I finally got it! I have no control over the addict and I never did or will.

Thought for Today: We are free to make our own choices, as the addicts are free to make theirs. We cannot control another and trying to do so will only bring anxiety.

“We must cultivate our garden.” ~ Voltaire