Before Nar-Anon, my anger towards the addict was beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life. I used to allow it to consume me. Attending Nar-Anon meetings has shown me the futility of this emotion. My anger not only made me miserable, but everyone else around me as well. It was the addict I was hoping to change, but being angry with the addict made no difference in his behavior. My anger only seemed to push the addict further away from me. Through Nar-Anon, I came to realize that anger is not the answer. In fact, it only made the situation much worse than it should have been. I truly believe that if not for the Nar-Anon message and all the members who share their experience, strength and hope at our meetings, I would still be on the road to self-destruction. By recognizing the anger in me, I can see the cycle beginning to break. I can stop the process of anger that is consuming and destroying me in my daily life. I have become a gentler and more loving person.

Thought for Today: Feeling our feelings is one important part of the recovery process. Learning how to balance my feelings with an appropriate action is another. Anger is a secondary emotion resulting from troublesome thoughts. I can ask my Higher Power for help in changing the way I think, and pray that the anger will go away.

“When angry, count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.” ~ Thomas Jefferson