The Nar-Anon program has changed my world. Well really, the world has not changed; it is my thinking that has changed. I have learned to look at how and why I think certain ways. I have also learned that there is more than one meaning to the same word. I can now view situations and see the different ways that I can react to them. This way of living gives me choices. I do not have to react as I have always done in the past. Today, I have found a new way to look at life and cope with my problems.

I can remember in childish games, it meant you lost if you surrendered. I grew up feeling that surrender was not a way to go. However, since I have been attending Nar-Anon meetings, I have discovered surrender can have a completely different meaning. Today, I can surrender my will to my Higher Power. That does not mean I have lost. It means relinquishing control and putting my Higher Power in charge. I have determined I cannot do it myself but that does not mean that I am quitting. I am making a decision to turn my will over to the care of a Power greater than me, the God of my understanding.

Thought for Today: When I feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with my problems, I can surrender and let the God of my understanding take control. This is not the act of a quitter; it is an act of faith.“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein