I obtained a better understanding of the disease of addiction when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I came to see clearly that although I did not have power over this disease, I did have power over how I would react to my illness and what I could do for myself to aid in my recovery. I did not choose to have cancer. The doctors and my surgeon explained my options to me. These options were: lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, and trust in a Higher Power, or I could do nothing and have no chance of recovering from the cancer. I believe it is the same with the disease of addiction. A person does not choose to be an addict. The family, a physician, or even law enforcement can explain the addict’s options. If the addict wants to recover, the options are: Twelve-Step meetings, treatment centers, and seeking the help of a Higher Power. Alternately, the addict can choose to do nothing and not recover from the disease of addiction. As a family member, I have choices, too. My options are: attend Twelve-Step meetings, take care of myself, release the addicted loved one, and work on my spirituality, or choose to do nothing and not recover. By doing what is needed in recovery, I can find happiness, growth and freedom whether the addict is using or not.

Thought for Today: Addiction is a disease and I have no power over a disease. To recover and heal from the effects of addiction, I must take the necessary steps with the help of my Higher Power.

“Today, I will trust that God will do for me what I cannot do for myself. I will do my part – working the Twelve Steps and letting God do the rest.” ~ Melody Beattie