Patience is the ability to endure waiting or a delay without becoming annoyed or upset. I am living in a dysfunctional situation with an active addict whose lifestyle is unacceptable to me. I find it difficult to have patience with the addict, other family members, friends, or co-workers.

My lack of patience is closely tied to my false sense of control over the lives of those around me. When others are not acting as I wish, according to my timetable, I feel I have lost control. Then I am apt to lose my patience by yelling and verbally abusing those around me, believing this show of emotions will help me gain control.

“Let Go and Let God” is one slogan I use to find comfort when I am faced with a difficult situation and find myself annoyed with someone else. By letting go, I am releasing them to a Higher Power. It allows me to look at them without a sense of responsibility. I find that when I recognize my false sense of control and let go, I can release my expectations and experience patience.

Thought for Today: Patience is not a matter of having things my way. It is a matter of surrendering and accepting what is and trusting in a Higher Power to give me what I need when I need it.

“You cannot create a statue by smashing the marble with a hammer; you also cannot by forceof arms release the spirit of the soul.” ~ Confucius