I am a fifteen-year-old member of Nar-Anon. When drugs and alcohol first reared their ugly heads, I was in denial. I ignored the bottles in the fridge, the hours my mother slept away, and the depression pills in her purse. I felt overwhelmed and helpless, so I ignored it all.

My mother ran away one day. She abandoned my little brother and me. At that time, my grandmother who is very important to me, informed me about my mother’s disease of addiction. The thing that scared me the most had happened. My mother chose to run away from her problems and her life. She was using drugs to escape reality.

Today, I can sincerely say that Nar-Anon has changed my outlook and my life. Today, I know that my mother is a sick person and I can forgive her for the hurt that I felt because she ran away. I have learned that I am powerless over her disease and have to let go and let God. By doing this, I have found peace and joy over despair and distress. I miss my mother dearly and hope some day she will get better and come back to see me and share in my life. As I continue my high school education, I also continue to work my program and today I have hope for a better future.

Thought for Today: In Nar-Anon, I learn to forgive, release and move forward with my life.

“Today I will move forward with my life, despite what others are doing or not doing. I will know it is right to cross the bridge to a better life even if I must leave others behind to do that, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel ashamed. I know that where I am now is a better place and where I’m meant to be.” ~ Melody Beattie