Before attending Nar-Anon, I thought that being vulnerable was a weakness. It left me open to attack. I felt I was placing myself in emotional or physical danger where I could be harmed. I am learning that Nar-Anon meetings are a safe place where I can share my weaknesses with others without the fear of attack or harm. At a recent meeting, I heard another member share that she gets the most out of a meeting when she allows herself to be vulnerable. She found this especially true when she shared something about herself with a newcomer. I tried her suggestion when I was asked to lead a First Step table, and found that she was right. By sharing openly about what was truly going on with me and how I had behaved, I was better able to look more clearly at my actions, feelings and doubts. If I take the chance to be vulnerable with someone I do not know, I offer him or her the same gift of trust while I give myself an opportunity to grow. The newcomer always reminds me of where I have been and of where I never again wish to return. We are no longer strangers. This is the magic of the meeting.

Thought for Today: When I am terrified about how vulnerable I am to the effects of another’s addiction and suffering, I am reminded that I have faced this before and lived to share about it.

The foundation for the development of good relations with one another is altruism, compassion and forgiveness.” ~ Dalai Lama