I came to an open Nar-Anon meeting today although I wanted to go shopping. I knew I needed a dose of Nar-Anon recovery: Steps One, Two and Three. Because I have been around the program for a long time, it is easy for me to think I know it all. However, from my years in Nar-Anon, I also have learned the value of being humble and recognized the importance of being open and respectful. So I sat in the back of the room, listened and learned. By being open, without judgment, I create the opportunity to receive. I allow my Higher Power to fill me up with what I need to hear. Humility allows me to be open to learn something new and remember something I may have forgotten.

What I love about the Nar-Anon program is how it gives me the opportunity to learn. I can learn from each member of the fellowship, both long time members and newcomers. It is also a two way street and they can learn from me if they choose to do so. Yes, I admitted I am powerless over my “know it all-ism” and when I humble myself, I allow my Higher Power to send me the words that I need to hear from other members.

I am scheduled to give an open talk in two days. I will be sharing before others and I will need to ask my Higher Power to help me to find the thoughts, words and feelings that I need to share. It is hard for me, Miss Know It All, to practice humility, but I am glad I came today. I am reminded of what I need to do instead of listening to Miss Know It All.

Thought for Today: True humility is the opposite of arrogance. It is not submissive behavior but modest willingness to surrender to a Power greater than myself for guidance.

“Humility leads to strength and not to weakness. It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and to make amends for them.” ~ John (Jay) McCloy