When I first came to the rooms of Nar-Anon, I could not understand or even grasp the idea of “surrender to win.” I believed to surrender would mean I had failed, so I never gave up on anyone or anything. No matter how exhausted I was, I persisted. Living with an addicted husband taught me that if anything ever needed to be fixed or repaired, I had to do it.

One day when I arrived home from a long day at work, I found that my toilet had overflowed all the way into my bedroom. I immediately went to work. After three hours, the toilet was fixed and the rooms were cleaned. Filthy and exhausted, I washed up. After dinner, I went to start the dishwasher but it would not work. I brought out the schematic and started to tear it apart to fix it. Every time I turned the dishwasher on, a fuse blew. Four fuses later, I had a moment of clarity – surrender, let go and let God.

That day, a new ritual began in my household. I now look forward to that special time when my son and I do the dishes together. Today, I am grateful for the broken dishwasher and more grateful for the understanding that surrender is the path to serenity.

Thought for Today: I can choose how I react to the happenings of this day. I can look at them as problems or opportunities.

“The gift of opportunity does not always come with a beautiful wrapping.” ~ Anonymous