The key words in Step Three for me are “decision, will, and care.” Each time I read this step, I think about my part in making my life better. My part is to make a decision to let go of my willful controlling and put my life in guiding hands. It sounds so easy! I have found that prayer and meditation are essential to letting go of my will. I consciously resolve to do this step daily in order to stay aware of what I can change and what my responsibility isHow do I know that the result of turning it over will be miraculous for me? From experience! When I surrendered my will and paid attention to the guidance of a Higher Power, I experienced miracles! I continue to experience miracles when I practice the tools of the program, attend meetings, read Nar-Anon literature, work with my sponsor, pray, and meditate. Evidence of this care includes newfound positive relationships with relatives and friends, forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love. I have a healthier body, less diseased by stress. I have a brighter spirit and a positive outlook on life rather than toxic doom and gloom.

Thought for Today: I believe in a caring Higher Power. I trust that Power to work for good in my life. The miracles, big and small, are what I have to look forward to when I let go of my own self-will.

“Decision: something that somebody chooses or makes up his or her mind about, after considering it and other possible choices.” ~ Encarta World English Dictionary