I woke up one morning with a headache, feeling very needy. I wanted to be loved and to be reassured by my partner. I was looking at my partner to make me feel safe. I wanted him to tell me that we would try to stay together forever. I realized quickly that I would not get what I was looking for from the addict. As soon as I would ask for his reassurance, I would regret it or would not believe it, even when I was getting what I asked for from my partner. I would then hate myself for being so needy and dependent. Because of the Nar-Anon program, I am now able to identify a way out of this thinking trap that I created and know so well. I will turn my focus to my Higher Power. I will start telling myself that my Higher Power loves me unconditionally. I am safe; my Higher Power will take care of me. I can let go of my crazy, needy thinking and turn it over. I am then okay, even if I am feeling weak. A warm feeling starts to grow in my stomach. I feel love and am encouraged to be myself. I am okay with all my strange feelings. There is newfound freedom when I no longer depend upon my addicted loved one. I know I am okay with who I am and where I am now. I thank my Higher Power for my life; it is exactly as it should be right now. I now depend on my Higher Power and receive the reassurance I need.

Thought for Today: I will accept that I am powerless over another person. I believe that there is a Power greater than I am. I will make a decision to hand my insecurities and doubts to my Higher Power. This saves my day!

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” ~ George Iles