In the Nar-Anon program, I learn that the present moment is all I have and that it is enough. Only by living in today can I be fully capable of experiencing what is happening in my life. Otherwise, I may be missing vital information and lessons that I need for my recovery and growth. When I dwell on the things that have already happened or what may occur in the future, I close the door to the present. I have found it to be true that excessive worry about things that had not happened was wasted energy and caused me illness, anxiety and exhaustion. After all, the events that I had obsessed over did not happen the way I thought they would or, in some cases, did not even happen at all! When I live in the present, I have a sense of freedom and calmness because I am not overwhelmed with unnecessary feelings, thoughts and worry about the future or the past. I have a choice to obsess or take things as they come. Choosing to go with the flow allows me time to process what is needed and move forward when the time is right. If I listen, I have found that my Higher Power tells me when the time is right. I will get a feeling of uncertainty when the time is wrong and a feeling of excitement or energy when it is right. When I go against those feelings, I make my biggest mistakes and wish I had done otherwise. By living in the moment, I can look at each thought in detail and experience the feelings associated with that thought. I can move forward when I am certain, and I am not rushing to find an outcome.

Thought for Today: Learning to live for the moment can be very liberating and relaxing. I get a sense that the decisions, feelings and thoughts I am processing are not forced.

“Faith is different from proof; the latter is human, the former is a Gift from God.” ~ Blaise Pascal