Before Nar-Anon, I used to make agreements with the addict, thinking that I was helping her. In reality, I was trying to manipulate her into recovery. I tried to keep her off the streets by offering to pay her rent if she would go to meetings every day, and offering to take her to the meetings. Of course, she agreed to go along with my demands in order to get the money. It did not work and now I know why. I should have let her do it for herself. The situation I find myself in reminds me of the need to be constantly learning the messages of Nar-Anon. One fellow member, who had recently started attending the program, said he had hoped he would not be doing this for the rest of his life. He now realizes this might be the case. I have had this thought, too. What is the alternative? To slide back into the complete and devastating darkness that once controlled my life. No, I do not want nor desire that! I have a sister who was a drug user when she was young. When I spoke with my father about my daughter’s addiction and situation, he said, “I could still cry thinking about your sister.” This was almost 35 years after she stopped using. Of course, I know he still suffers so much because he has never gone to a Twelve-Step program. Then I thought this is the reason why I keep coming back. I am sure that I need to keep coming back!

Thought for Today: The help and comfort that I receive from the members in Nar-Anon cannot be measured. This is truly a new and better way to live.

“You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself.” ~ Buddha