For the last twenty-three years, I felt it was up to me to help the addict to overcome his problem and to make his life a little easier in any way I could. He left home at the tender age of fifteen by his own choice after experimenting with marijuana and alcohol. I am sure he stopped maturing then, as the following twenty-three years were pretty much a series of successes and failures with work and two failed relationships due to his inability to cope with everyday life. His drug abuse seemed to escalate and that is when my life became unmanageable and insane. I devoted every waking moment to analyzing, and mentally repairing the addict. I soon found that I could no longer go on this way.

Nar-Anon helped me to accept a new concept of my Higher Power. I already had an abiding faith, but it had been sorely tested over the last few months. My faith was restored when I heard the message of Nar-Anon that I need to step aside and let God do the work. The program has helped me to realize thatdetachment is the only way for me. In my own mind, I believed that if I showed someone enough love, it was possible for him or her to overcome anything. That was before I realized that addiction is a mental, as well as, a physical disease. It renders the addict incapable of receiving and processing the love and help we have to give them.

Thought for Today: I am learning to love the addict in a new way, by letting go and letting God do his work.

“Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway.” ~ Mary C. Crowley