My addicted son was out of food, so I ran out to buy some food for him, checking first to make sure I knew his favorites. His car motor was broken, so I gave him money to buy another motor. His clothes were dirty, so I washed and dried them. His cell phone had been turned off because he could not pay the monthly fee, so I paid it. After all, how could he find a job if he was weak from hunger, could not drive to interviews or work, had dirty clothes, and he could not be reached on the phone by employers I felt that if I did everything for him, he would be freed up to find a job. Wrong! He was freed up to do drugs! I finally turned to Nar-Anon and found that the only person I could change was me. Instead of helping, I was enabling and trying to control the addict. I wanted the addict to have a jobHe was willing to just get by which I was enabling him to do. I kept thinking about the Serenity Prayer. I had seen it a few times before and always thought it was a negative statement. Anything can be changed, I would think. Now I finally understand what the prayer meant: I can change anything about myself, but nothing about others.

Thought for Today: Today, I will enjoy the serenity of knowing that the only person I am in charge of is me. What a relief!

“In every crisis there is a message. Crises are nature’s way of forcing change–breaking down old structures, shaking loose negative habits so that something new and better can take their place.” ~ Susan L. Taylor