Through the years of coming to Nar-Anon, I have come to recognize that the program is working in me. Often this work is not one of my intentions, but rather one of following my instincts and listening in the moment.

Recently, I had an experience that was an example of “being in the moment.” I lost many friends when I divorced my husband of twenty years. These friends were cordial but the sharing of family dinners, picnics and weekly phone calls stopped.

When my son married, one of these friends made contact and I spent a rare afternoon at her home talking with her. It was delightful! While chatting, I learned that a girl, who had been my student for many years, was addicted and struggling with recovery. I felt as if my own child had been afflicted and it hurt to know this sweet and caring person had turned to drugs!

That evening I felt compelled to attend my home meeting, which I had missed for almost a year because of an out-of-town job, so off I went. When I arrived, unexpectedly, there was my other friend, the mother of the girl discussed earlier that day. This mother was lost, frantically trying to find the Nar-Anon meeting room. I led the way, all the while listening to her story. We shared a meeting.

Thought for Today: If I follow my instincts I am able to help others find what we all find in Nar-Anon: we are not alone and there is hope.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ~ Saint Francis of Assisi