One of the practices of my home group is to study one of the Twelve Steps on the first meeting of each month. Each person discusses what the step means to him or her and how it has helped in his or her recovery. Visiting a different step every month helps me to obtain a deeper understanding of the Nar-Anon program. I am learning by re-visiting the program’s principles and seeing how I can apply these principles in my life. This journey of discovery and growth often reminds me of peeling an onion. Layer by layer, and sometimes with tears, I peel away. I do this in order to remove the damaged layers so I can move forward in my recovery. I focus on each step month by month and write my reflections in a journal. I can then compare my progress with earlier years.

I came to believe the steps are my path to serenity and peace. I take these steps beside my program friends and we are led to a new understanding and insights, personally and collectively. I feel blessed and grateful to have a structure for measuring my progress. As I grow in my recovery, the understanding of the steps helps me to grow, change and mature.

Thought for Today: Studying the steps is important to me, as they are the foundation of my recovery. I can apply them to all of the problems I encounter. They also remind me that I do not have to face life alone; I have my Higher Power and my Nar-Anon family.“The steps offer me a road map for living that leads to a spiritual awakening and beyond.” ~ Courage to Change