Virtue, like muscles, must be exercised to be strengthened. The only way to exercise virtue is to have opportunities to use them. This has taught me to be careful of what I pray for – I just may get it.

I prayed for the addict to get clean. When he did, I needed more patience. I continued to try to control him. I wanted to know if he was going to enough of his meetings. Then I wanted to know why he was going to so many meetings! Someone once told me that if I prayed for patience, I would be given something to be patient about. I have found this to be so.

One day I wanted to use a copy machine that was warming up. This turned into another opportunity for me to practice patience. I kept pushing the button thinking that would hurry it along. My co-worker asked if I noticed that it said, “WAIT.” I realized that is how I pray. I want the answer yesterday! I am learning that as the copier will copy when it is ready, I must learn to trust the process. It unfolds when it is ready!

Thought for Today: The gift of patience can be as simple as staying in the moment. I want to enjoy whatever is happening while I am waiting for the answer. Whether a smile from a passer-by, holding a door for a stranger, a sunset, or the laughter of a child, I want to enjoy it all. Sometimes the answer is that simple.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” ~ Babatunde Olatunji