Live and Let Live is a two-part slogan. Because of my experience with addiction, I had to work the second part of this slogan “let live” first. Before I came to Nar-Anon and began practicing the principles of the program, I instantly had an opinion of those I met. I was “judging the book by its cover.” I now use this slogan to grant others the dignity to make their own choices. I am learning not to be so quick to judge others.

Since attending Nar-Anon, I know there is more to people than I can see at first glance. I can listen and learn from everyone, if I keep an open mind. I have a common experience with the members of my Nar-Anon fellowship, because everyone in these rooms loves an addict. Today I make an effort to let each person, even my addicted loved one, be the person they choose to be. I am learning everyone has a right to live their life as they choose to live it and deal with the results.

I am also learning to practice the first part of this slogan – the “live.” I too suffered from the effects of my loved one’s addiction. I was neglecting my own needs and not living my own life. This part of the slogan reminds me that I can and should make a life for myself regardless of what others do. Their lives are not my responsibility and I must let go of this false sense of responsibility.

Thought for Today: This new awareness and acceptance has taught me to focus on changing myself. When I practice this principle, I can relax and enjoy my newfound friends and my life. I have a full time job taking care of me.

“Slogans serve as gentle, calming reminders that our circumstances might not be as impossible or as desperate as they at first appear. These concise expressions of wisdom offer quick reassurances that we really are able to cope with whatever life brings, prompting us to take constructive action and to treat ourselves and others with compassion and respect.” ~ How Al-Anon Works