Today, I can see the wisdom in the slogan “One Day at a Time.” I have come to believe that my program is one day at a time, one hour at a time, or even one minute at a time. Why does this work for me? Well before I was introduced to this slogan, I was thinking about what I could have said in the past to stop my daughter from her destructive behavior. I would think about how I might be able to help her in the future. I would worry and get sick thinking about how she was living her life. Where was she sleeping? Who was she seeing? What drugs was she taking? Was she being promiscuous? Was she going to wind up in jail or dead somewhere? All this and more was going through my mind. The slogan “One Day at a Time” means just that, to take the day as it comes and not worry about what has been or what will be. If there is a crisis during the day, deal with it. If there is no crisis, do not make one up in my mind and worry about what will probably never happen. I am learning this wisdom in Nar-Anon. The worst of my worries never came to pass. The scenarios that my fertile mind imagined never happened. Therefore, if it is not so, do not think it is.

By not worrying about the past or the future, I am able to think about what is. I now realize that I have no control over my daughter or anyone else. I have learned, with the help of my Higher Power, that the only person I can control and affect a change in is me. What a powerful thought!


Thought for Today: All the worrying I did over the addict and the pain I put myself through was for naught. The pain is still there, but my reaction to the pain does not have to destroy my life. Working my Nar-Anon program helps me to accept these painful circumstances and to learn how to live with them.

“When I spend my time preparing for what might happen, I am missing what is happening.” Anne Wilson Shaef