Every morning before getting out of bed, I would remind myself to keep my day running smoothly, to see that I was not carried away with doing a million things and end up completing nothing. After I reminded myself, I turned to my Higher Power and prayed for help to have a peaceful, undisturbed day, so I could get my projects done.

It has taken a long time for me to recognize that I have made a huge error in my morning ritual. Yes, I asked and I prayed, but I did not erase all the activity that was going through my mind. My mental lists were unbelievable. Lately, I have realized that I am a big hindrance to my progress. I always thought that to get something done, I had to take charge, help, make corrections, and see that everything was a-okay, my way. What actually happened was that by the end of the day I was exhausted, felt inept, and wondered why I ran around in circles. Not long ago, I was invited to a series of open talks. The last speaker hit a nerve; he was talking about me! That talk left me with reminders: “Errors! Mistaken thinking! Let go! Give it up! Do nothing!”

The speaker had realized that his Higher Power could do what he had not succeeded in doing. I thought it was worth a try since he had many achievements. I am in training now, sitting still, clearing my mind and giving up my day to my Higher Power. If I begin to falter, I know that the Twelve Steps of Nar-Anon will remind me that my Higher Power is willing to take over and bring balance to my life.

Thought for Today: By listening to other members, we are able to discover ways to improve the balance in our lives. Each of us has so much to give in this program, from the newcomer to the seasoned member. Each of us has our own experience to share to help others learn more about themselves.

“The change of one simple behavior can affect other behaviors and thus change many things.” ~ Jean Baer