I have always believed in a Higher Power, but never has my belief been as strong as it is now that I have become a part of the Nar-Anon fellowship. It took my participation in the program to reaffirm that I can turn over my challenges in life to a Power greater than myself, if I will allow it to happen. That meant having Step Three printed indelibly upon my forehead. I needed to put my will aside and allow God’s will to unfold. With two addicted loved ones in my life, I had taken on all of their burdens and had not allowed them to experience the consequences of their drug abuse. I was always trying to manage or fix their lives instead of allowing their Higher Power to handle them. In the process, I lost sight of God’s plan for me. Now that I have embraced the Nar-Anon program for life, I can focus on that plan and do what is best for me. I can now recognize when situations will not work in my best interest and I can release them to my Higher Power. One of my favorite sayings is, that is not good for me, and it applies to my relationships with children, mates, family members, friends, co-workers or anyone else in my life.

Thought for Today: The Nar-Anon program has taught me that I can only manage one life, that of my own. Trusting in a Higher Power and detaching from the problems of my children has made me stronger, and my sons have learned to be independent.

“Depending on our Higher Power can increase our independence from the opinions, needs and demands of others. We need no longer look outside ourselves to other people for validation.” ~ Paths to Recovery